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    Calc field that is list of related records



      Calc field that is list of related records



           I have records in table A that have multiple attributes housed in Table B.  They are connected through a line item table, LI_AB.  I want to create a calculation field in Table A that is a list of all attributes.  For example record a1 has three attributes from table B.  I want the calculation field to be "b1,b2,b3". 

           I know that a portal will show me all of a1's attributes but the list will look better on my report.  I think I did something similar a few years ago using a custom function.  Unfortunately, I no longer have access to FM Pro Advanced (only FM Pro) aka no custom functions.

           Any ideas how to write this calculation?

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               Though a custom function is not needed here, you really need to beg, borrow or steal a copy of FileMaker Advanced as it offers some really valuable design tools not found in FileMaker Pro.

               Substitute ( List ( Table B::Attribute ) ; ¶ ; ", " )

               this expression takes the return separated list of values produced by List and substitutes commas for the returns.