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    Calc fields -- stored vs. unstored



      Calc fields -- stored vs. unstored


      Hi There,

      My database has been slowing down recently, and I've been advised to take a look at summary and unstored calc fields.

      I've found plenty of unstored calc fields.  I chose to use them unstored because the user guide says that "you can tell FileMaker Pro to perform the calculation only when needed (unstored)."  I have a script that calcs a report once per day, so I figured that unstored was the way to go.

      My question is, if I change all the calc fields to STORED, when do the calc fields compute?  every time you enter data (even if the field is not displayed on the layout)?  or only when the field is displayed on a layout?


      Thanks in advance.


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          Any time a field referenced in the calculation is modified. Stored calculation fields display values more quickly and make for faster sorts and finds. On the other hand they slow down the import process when you import records as the stored calculation fields will need to be evaluated record by record as each new record is imported.

          Since my databases will perform sorts and finds many times more frequently than data imports and I can perform imports via script during down times when users are not accessing the database, I prefer stored calculations over unstored whereever possible.

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