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Calc Match Field Problem

Question asked by keith on Feb 19, 2012
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Calc Match Field Problem


FM11 Mac

3 Related Tables - Contacts, Orders, Bank Statements.

Order record created. Order received and date received entered. Order No entered against relevant item on Bank Staement and Paid Amount jumps into field on Order record. Order Status Calc field returns Open, Received or Paid accordingly.

I then have Order Portals on Contacts and on Orders (self Join) so that I can see Orders listed depending on their Status, using Status as the Match Field.

All this works fine except that I am unable to use the Status Calc field as a Match as it is not indexed. 

When I try to index it I get: The calculation “Status Calc” cannot be stored or indexed because it references a related field, a summary field, an unstored calculation field, or a field with global storage.

I currently use a plain Status field to copy the Status Calc but it doesn't always work and I have a 'update script button to copy it.

Is there a way of making my Status field work automatically as the Match field?