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Calculated container field: external data storage, hosted database

Question asked by jwilson on Jul 11, 2014
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Calculated container field: external data storage, hosted database


     I have a series of databases that have been developed and run locally, which use container fields either to

     1. store images dropped onto container fields, in a file structure alongside the database; or

     2. show images from a different file structure on the local drive, that have been created via another process, but are referenced through a calculation field in the database whose result is the path to the image (ie in the format imagemac:/....etc).

     I need to transfer the databases to a hosted solution.  Those files that use container fields as in 1 above work fine.  However  I am unable to get the syntax correct to be able to view image files on the host when using containers as in 2 above. The external image files are on the host, in the same drive & directory as the databases.

     If the databses are opened locally on the host (which I can do through screen sharing), the images are visible in the databses, but when the databases are opened by a remote client, images in calculated container fields are not visible.  I can only assume that my calculated path is incorrect.... 

     The reference to the database is fmnet:/10.0.XX.XXX/filename.fmp12..... and I have tried all sorts of combinations of file reference for the calculated container field along the lines of imagemac:/10.0.XX.XXX/imagefiles/1.jpg but cannot get it right.

     Is anyone able to give me some guidance or point me to an appropriate resource

     many thanks