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    Calculated container fields



      Calculated container fields


      I'd like to display jpeg in a container field where the path to the image is calculated.  The table contains a field (called 'Ref') with the name (but not the full path) of the file and I have created a calculation field (with a container as the result) with the following calculation:

      "/Volumes/PUBLIC/PROJECTS/irons_med/Full set/" & Ref  &".jpeg"

      I'm pretty sure the path is correct.  The field type is 'Calculation' and the calculation result is 'Container', but all that appears in the field is the (centred) text of the image path (which looks right):

      /Volumes/PUBLIC/PROJECTS/irons/Full set/INV_Pharmacy_8.jpeg

      I was expecting to see the image.

      Obviously I'm doing something wrong, but I can't work out what.

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          Depending on the operating system, this path should start with either imagewin: or imagemac:

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            Thanks, that's clearer.


            But now the feild just displays:

            This file cnnot be found:


            I created a container field and put the image in it along with a Show Custom Diaog Button ["PATH"; GetAsText (Irons_meds::Image )] button which displays as in the image below which seems to match the field calculation:

            "imagemac:/Volumes/PUBLIC/PROJECTS/irons_med/Full_set/" & Ref  &".jpeg"

            Pls not I changed the name of the directory to 'Full_set' from 'Full set' in case the space was causing a problem.

            I'm obviously still doing something wromng.

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              Hmmm, I'd check the file name in Ref for any characters that aren't the right match to the actual file name and make sure that that file is really in that directory and not in the same directory as your database application. Might be a space or other invisibile character that's a factor.

              I just ran the following test.

              I used insert picture to insert a picture with the "reference" option. The text in the field showed:

              image:95358 W modesto.bmp
              imagewin:/C:/Documents and Settings/Phil/My Documents/My Pictures/Zip maps/95358 W modesto.bmp

              I then defined this calculation field with "container" as the return type:

              GetValue ( ContainerField ; 3 )

              and it correctly displayed the same image.

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                Hi stolzy ...

                Did you found an answer to this issue? I have the same problem and I don't know how to solve it.


                Besta regards,