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    Calculated field



      Calculated field


      I am new to Filemaker running version 10, creating a database for property management.


      I have separate tables for Properties and Leases.  There is an Expired field in Leases that contains either Yes or No.  I want to create an calculated field in Properties to show Yes or No whether the property is currently empty.  This is determined by whether there is a related record in Leases where the Expired = "No".  What calculation do I use?




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          Case ( IsEmpty ( FilterValues ( List ( Leases::Expired ); "No" ) ); "Yes"; "No" )



          However, I think that you may be handling this the wrong way. I think that you should probably just sort descending by lease date or lease end date. If the lease end date is past the current date ( plus a buffer for turn over if you wish ) then it would be considered "available". No need to mark each Lease record.

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               I thought marking each record would make it easier to manipulate the data, ie easier to create filters.