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Calculated field 'sometimes' not calculating ....?

Question asked by synergy46 on Sep 22, 2012
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Calculated field 'sometimes' not calculating ....?


     I am using FM 12 Advanced on OSX

     I have a 1 to many application where Members (the one) is related to Dues (the many).  On a Members layout there is a dues portal.  One field on the dues portal is titled Over/Under (field name Dues::TotalDifference).  TotalDifference is a calculated field and it works. 

     Above Over/Under is a field called MEMBERS::SumTotalDifference which is a calculated field: sum(DUES::TotalDifference) and does NOT store the calculation results.

     The problem:  SumTotalDifference shows the correct summation of TotalDifference EXCEPT on the first record?  Huh?  And this 'weirdness' ONLY occurs on the first record? 

     Hope you can see what I apprently can not....