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calculated field in Grand Total Summary

Question asked by synergy46 on Mar 5, 2009
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calculated field in Grand Total Summary


I have a sub-summary report the breaks on 2 parts.


The first part is all positive values


The second part is all negative values.


Each record has a field called COUNT that holds a value of -1 or +1


I have a calculated field called GrandTotalText that looks at sum(count) and if that total is negative, GrandTotalText says "Total Loss".... same for gain.  See below.


Case(Sum(count)=0;"No Gain or Loss:";
Sum(count)>0;"Total Gain:";
Sum(count)<0; "Total Loss:")


My problem is that no matter what sum(count) is, GrandTotalText ALWAYS says "Total Loss:"


Got any ideas?