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Calculated Field Not Calculating

Question asked by SueFrost on Sep 23, 2012
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Calculated Field Not Calculating


     Hello!  I'm very new to Filemaker - using it for my own small business. I am familiar with relationship databases and scripting. (In my day job, I do Lotus/Domino development.)

     I've started with the Starter Solutions and since the Invoice and Inventory solutions both do parts of what I need, I combined some of the tables into one custom solution.

     I've moved the Inventory and Stock Transactions from the Inventory solution to the Invoices solution. The tables got moved and I've recreated the relationships. I've moved the scripts as well. As far as I can see, everything looks good and I'm not seeing any errors being generated.

     However the Units on Hand field on the Inventory table isn't being calculated when I add a new Stock Transaction. I've checked everywhere I can think of - field properties, relationships, the script to calculate the value. 

     Now I'm at a loss where else to look. No look searching the forum either - I'm probably not asking the question correctly.

     All assistance is welcome.  Thanks!