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    Calculated Fields Confusion



      Calculated Fields Confusion


           I'm new to all of this and easily confused at the best of times. 

           I'm trying to create a field that is based on the values of 2 other fields. I thought this would be a calculated field. I have tables for lakes (including lake names), and visit date. I was hoping to create a calculated field from those two to make something like "Big Lake August 2013".

           So my formula looks like LakeName + " " + MonthName ( StudyDate ) just to test it out. When I enter Lake Name the calculated field already puts the name in, without anything in the month field yet. When I enter something in the month field nothing happens. When I change the lake name to something else, the calculated field still does not change. 

           Can we control when the calculated field actually calculates? I want it to do that when it's over not when I'm in mid-data-entry.