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Calculated works and the other doesn't -- ?

Question asked by synergy46 on Feb 9, 2011
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Calculated works and the other doesn't -- ?


I am using FM 11 02 ADV

I have 2 tables:  Members and Dues

Members < --->> DUES

I have 2 layouts:

Members (which has a portal based on Dues)

Setup (aka Assessments below) which is also based on Dues

Dues::Setup_total works when placed on the SETUP layout (based on DUES).  But, if I take the same field and place it on the Dues based portal on the Members layout it comes up blank?

Also, if I put Setup_Total on the same portal, IT WORKS!???

This may be related to the problem:  "Dues_amount, Assessment_Amount and Other_amount, all have Auto_enter Calculations that should bring the values from their correponding fields as defaults: Setup_Dues_amt, Setup_AssessmentAmt and Setup_OtherAmt.  But it won't??

I have been working this problem for hours and can't see anything wrong??? Can you?  Help is surely appreciated!