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    Calculated file path to sound (in container field)



      Calculated file path to sound (in container field)



      I am setting up a database for an archive of photos and oral history recordings. Each photo has a record in a table with archival metadata fileds and a container field displaying the photo. The filepath in the container is calculated like this:

      = "image:Digital_Stack/Photos/" & ItemName  & "."  & FileExt

      (Where ItemName and FileExt are fields from the record for that photo - which corresspond obviously to the image file on disk).

      Just wondering...

      Can i create a similar calculated container path for sound recordings? (I have tested the audio fles and they will play if i insert them as Quicktime objects). Something like:

      = "x:Digital_Stack/Audio/" & ItemName  & "."  & FileExt

      > what do I put at x?


      Thank you