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calculated set field in a portal

Question asked by willrollo on Mar 13, 2014
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calculated set field in a portal


     I have a portal to my table InvoiceDetails_INVOICEITEMS. It contains the lines for an invoice.

     I have a script trigger set up that detects what sort of product has been added to the portal, which then alters other related fields.

     I am having trouble though with one of these set fields. The fields I have in the portal are description, price, item. 

     If Item is "E" then I want to add a percentage of the price of another item in the portal/invoice. This item has a category field that is "Master". There is only one Master record in each invoice. 

     SO at the moment my ST records the price of the master record ( if created) and saves this price as a variable. When the record that has Item=E is created, this variable is not replacing the the price field on this line. 

     How to I fix this?

     Thank you