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calculated sql inserts and commas, quotes, etc

Question asked by arosario on Jan 18, 2012


calculated sql inserts and commas, quotes, etc


I have a script I've been running for some time but it blows up when the address or name fileds contain commas, ampersands,  or quotes in them (123 MAIN, APT 10, Schwab & CO, etc) due to the way the insert statement is built. I just monitor and take them out but some of our customers may be offended that we are changing their name. Is there a way around this??? 

Script Segment:


(Account, CustName, Address1, Address2, City, State, Zip, Phone, Fax,CreditHoldFlag,DefaultTaxJurisdiction, BillName, BillAddress1, BillAddress2, BillCity, BillState, BillZip, BillContact, ActiveFlag, SalesRepCode,csr, notes, Status, paymentmethod, TermsCode, BillAddress3)