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Calculated SQL text

Question asked by mdaracz on Mar 29, 2010
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Calculated SQL text


Hello Forum,

I am trying to import some records to my current customer table based on the following Calcualted query, but I am not getting any resulting data. My query looks like this. 



"SELECT AR_Customers.Address1, AR_Customers.Address2, AR_Customers.Name, AR_Customers.City, AR_Customers.Website, AR_Customers.Zip, AR_Customers.Phone1, AR_Customers.State, AR_Customers.CustomerClassCode, AR_Customers.CustomerKey
FROM AR_Customers, OE_Orders
WHERE OE_Orders.InvoicePostedDate >= '" & Get ( CurrentTimeStamp ) - 31556926 & "'"



Basically, I want customers we did business with during the past year based on WHERE OE_Orders.InvoicePostedDate


this query works perfectly fine in my sql server, but not on filemaker... what am I doing wrong? is it soething with quotations? thanks!