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Calculated Time fields results

Question asked by on Nov 20, 2009
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Calculated Time fields results




I have theexperimental version of Filemaker Pro 10 for Windows. I am trying to see if Icould solve this problem:


In mydatabase I have a few records and one of the fields is a time value.

Imagine 15 records and  witch one with a different time value.

How can Icalculate de difference between time values from one record to another, no matterthe sort order and save the result on a field: I think it shouldbe something like this but I can put this in Filemaker’s language

The time valueof the second record less the time value of the first record;

The time valueof the third record less the time value of the second record

And so one…..UntilI reach the last record

Is itpossible to do. Can someone help me?