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    Calculated Value Field Empty



      Calculated Value Field Empty


           For some reason, I can't get any new fields to work with a calculated value.

           I have previously created a field which uses a calculated value:
           Contacts 2::Last & " " & "&" & " " & Contacts::Last

           And that field works fine.  But I tried to create another field with the calculated value:
           Case ( Events::contact_primary_client1 ; Events::client1_address1 ; Events::contact_primary_client2 ; Events::client2_address1 )

           But it's always empty.  I've tried looking at it from so many angles, but I can't figure out why it won't work.  In my troubleshooting, I even tried recrating that first field (Contacts 2::Last & " " & "&" & " " & Contacts::Last) but now that new field will not show anything, either.  Even though the first iteration of that same field still works.

           Any ideas?

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               Is this a text field with an auto-entered calculation or a field of type calculation with text selected as the result type?

               If this is an auto-entered calculation, it will not automatically update existing records when you add or change the auto-enter calculation. And any changes to the values of a record in a related table will not automatically cause a new value to calculate in your field.

               If this is a field of type calculation, better check the relationships involved.

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                 If the field is an auto-enter field, it will only work "re-calculate" on records in which the referenced fields are edited. If this is the case (as suggested above), you may want to confirm whether you want the Auto-Enter calculation to 'Replace Existing Value' or not.

                 Also, I see an immediate problem with your Case () function ... there are no logical tests. The Case () function is just a more complex If () function ; for example,

                 Case ( Events::contact_primary_client1 ; Events::client1_address1 ; Events::contact_primary_client2 ; Events::client2_address1 )

                 should be written ― and if you start nesting If() and Case() functions, you may find it a little easier to manage ― as follows,

                 Case (

                 Events::contact_primary_client1 = "Bob" ; Events::client1_address1 ;

                 Events::contact_primary_client2 = "Jane" ; Events::client2_address1



                 Hope that helps


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                   Cripes I feel stupid.  Thanks to both of you for the help.  I changed to to a calculation field and fixed my function and it's working perfectly now.  Thanks!!!