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Calculated Value Field Empty

Question asked by YukioKina on May 14, 2013
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Calculated Value Field Empty


     For some reason, I can't get any new fields to work with a calculated value.

     I have previously created a field which uses a calculated value:
     Contacts 2::Last & " " & "&" & " " & Contacts::Last

     And that field works fine.  But I tried to create another field with the calculated value:
     Case ( Events::contact_primary_client1 ; Events::client1_address1 ; Events::contact_primary_client2 ; Events::client2_address1 )

     But it's always empty.  I've tried looking at it from so many angles, but I can't figure out why it won't work.  In my troubleshooting, I even tried recrating that first field (Contacts 2::Last & " " & "&" & " " & Contacts::Last) but now that new field will not show anything, either.  Even though the first iteration of that same field still works.

     Any ideas?