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Calculated value not producing same results

Question asked by ShawnFitzgerald on Aug 12, 2014
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Calculated value not producing same results


     I am using a auto  enter calculated value to produce a unique number for records.  I have done this with a couple records already but now its not working for a new record I am doing and I don't know why.

     The calculated value is as follows

     Month ( DATE ) & "-" & ID

     it only displays the  - ID not the 2 digit month

     the only difference I see is in the options on the ones that worked it says indexed and in the new table options it does not say indexed.

     also I would love it if I could get it to display the 2 digit year as well so my final product  would look like this "0814-1234" 1234 represents the ID 

     What am I missing here