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Calculating a complex running total from many records

Question asked by acrobat_1 on Jan 5, 2010
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Calculating a complex running total from many records


Dear all Filemaker experts,


I have been creating a solution to allow tracking of finances similar to quicken for myself.  For this solution I have created a database containing a series of records that represent each of the financial entries into each account.  Hence, the list view contains all entries in all accounts.  I need to create a function that will allow me to sort entries from only one account (designated by a field), put them in order from oldest to newest by date (another field) and timestamp of entry when there are more than one entry for an account in the same day, and then calculate the running total for each of the entries subtracting each of the previous entries and the current entry from a known starting point.  This calculation field would hopefully be the same formula for each entry and could use data from all previous fields to calculate the running total on the fly.  This would change if another entry was entered earlier than some of the later entries. 


I hope I described that well enough.  Thanks for any leads on this.