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calculating a field based on checkbox results from multiple other fields

Question asked by ThomasWaldron on May 13, 2011
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calculating a field based on checkbox results from multiple other fields


I'm sorry for a question like this, but i'm on a timer and can't seem to get this to work on my own. 

I'm something of a filemaker newbie, but I'm still the one that knows FM best in this office. 

I'm trying to create a dashboard report listing a number of candidate records and details related to that person. I've got everything working beautifully except one thing. i need a field that reports on the candidate's status, based on the results of several other fields, which are already set up as checkboxes (yes/no/maybe). i could change that to dropdown or some other form, but it's how it's been set up here for years and changing might make it all that more difficult to get them to use it. 

so in my report (for which i've made a list layout) the status field needs to indicate where that member is in a process: initial interview yes/no/maybe, initial interview status pending/scheduled/complete, secondary interview yes/no/maybe, proceed to semifinals yes/no/maybe, proceed to finals yes/no/maybe,with a date for the first two, OR have that checkboxed status be overwritten by a "dashboard notes" field.

that last part i can figure out, but i can't find the best way to pull the proper checkbox, replace the simple "complete" with "Initial interview complete" (or whatever), and only pull from the highest level checkbox (i don't need to know if they've made the initial interview if they're proceeding to the final round). let alone adding in the date (i have a separate date field, which i imagine i merge in using an "if", but i haven't played with it enough to know how). 

can anyone suggest the best way of putting this together? I'm sorry for asking like this - everything else i've been able to figure out on my own but I'm on a tight time crunch now. :\ thank you in advance for any suggestions you might have!