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Calculating a field using find

Question asked by marcg_1 on Sep 27, 2013
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Calculating a field using find


     Hello, I'm trying to calculate a field in one table based on a find in another, here's an example.


     I have two tables.  There's a table named Parents of all parents with the fields: parentName, birthdayOfYoungestChild .  There's a table named Children of all children with the fields: parentName, birthday.  I'd like to have Parents::birthdayOfYoungestChild be a calculated field created by

     - using Parents::parentName to find all records in Children with a matching Children::parentName (there might be many)

     - sorting those records in ascending order by Children::birthday

     - inserting the birthday from the first record of the sorted list into Parents::birthdayOfYoungestChild

     I'm a newb and confused.  Scripts appear to be necessary for the find and sort -- they don't seem to be supported in field calculations -- and I don't see how I can use the output of a script in the calculation of a field value ...???

     Any pointer or headstart (or complete answer :) ) would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance