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Calculating a filed using both numbers and text

Question asked by Madpearl on Aug 24, 2012
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Calculating a filed using both numbers and text


I am setting up a database to control and monitor magazine subscriptions.

My client has three magazines. Each publication is sold in 1, 2 or 3 year subscriprtions and these prices may vary from one magazine to another.

The client will enter the information about their publications on one layout of the database. This layout contains three fields for the titles of the magazines and three fields each (9 in total) for the individual costs to be entered for the three periods (mag 1 for 2 years; mag 3 for 3 years; etc.).

When a customer wishes to take out a subscrition I want my client to be able, on a second layout, to select one of the three titles from a dropdown menu (from a list carefully copied and pasted from the three fields in layout 1), select a period from another dropdown menu (1,2,3) and have the relevent cost (from the nine available) appear in a calculation field.

Any ideas how to write the calculation would be greatly appreciated. The one I am thinking about feels incredibly clumsy– if it is possible at all.