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Calculating a portal column

Question asked by TedKraus on Dec 24, 2011
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Calculating a portal column



I have a data base I use to track student progress.  Originally, I created a field for everything;  HW ass 1, HW ass2 HW ass3, etc., Att wk1, att wk2, att wk3, etc.. I could go on.  This worked fine, since everything was essentially built on a "one-to-one" relationship.  That is, one particular hw grade was meant for one particular student.  


This system became cumbersome when I went to a team format.  The grades for one team now affected more than one student.  Rather than entering all the information into each student layout, I explored related fields.  And this will work for the final grades.  Now I am wodering how i can eliminate the need for all of the custom homework and attendence fields.

My thought is that I can create a new table called "Attendence."  Instead of creating a series of fields, one for each class session, I think I can create a set of "generic" fields that can be used over and over again.  For instance, instead of creating layout with a series of fields like this: att wk1, att wk2, att wk3, etc., I could create a series of layouts. one per class session,  that has the following fields: Student Name, Att.. Each layout would have a one record oer student.  I could then create a layout per student to show their attendence for the semester.  I could then link this table to the "summary Sheet" through a portal that would show each students attendence record.

Here is the problem.  I cannot total the attendence in the "per student" record of the attendence table.  And becuase, of that I can not show the tally in the portal.  This means that I have to manually count the fields, and then manually enter the data into the total field.  This seems so arduous, that I am sure there must be an easier way.

if the attendence image is not working for you, consider this.  I am a manager who want to track my salespeoples sales for teh year.  I then want to tally the amount they soldso that I can determine their commissions.  I would not want to creat a new field for every sale, so I would set up a "sales" table, and then link it to the individual salesperson's summary sheet.  I could then create a portal to the sales table in order to see all the sales.  How do I get a total of the sales?

Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.  I can also continue with what I am doing, but I am on the cusp of seeing databases in a new light.