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Calculating a static ledger balance

Question asked by ShawnAmann on Jul 7, 2010
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Calculating a static ledger balance


Hey Guys,

I need a hand with a calculation? I have a situation where I am keeping an inventory log. Inventory is defined by its barcode, then there are different lots of each barcode. 

I was able to make a calculation/relationship that would keep a running total of the reagent on hand for each lot of reagent. 

what I would like though is a field that will have the total of the reagent at the time of entry of that record. So instead of saying 424 in the last column, which is the total of that particular lot in stock, line 2 would say 150 and remain that way for record keeping sake.  

I tried doing it in lookup, calculation and a calculated value. Thing is they were all delayed by one field, as in they dont count the field they are on as having been completed yet when they compute, so line 2 would keep reading 100. 

Any ideas?