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    Calculating a Total Based on Dates



      Calculating a Total Based on Dates


           What i want is quite simple really...

           I have 5000 Records, all records have a date on them from when they were created, all records have a Subtotal amount, Tax amount, Shipping and Grand total,(even if that amount is $0)

           $500 <----Subtotal from line items
           $20  <----Determined in a script by Subtotal amount
           $20 <----- Tax, Calculation of Subtotal x .5
           $540 <----- Grand total, all 3 items added together (duh)

           soooooo, lets get to the point, I want to be able to take the date of 1/1/13 to the current date (begining of year, to current date) and have a calculation of the grand total for the entire period of time between those dates, so basicly showing me a grand total of all my grand totals for that amount of time...

           I've searched all over, found a few good ideas but nothing really seems to work right