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Calculating Across Date Range by Days of Week

Question asked by Lex262 on Oct 10, 2008
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Calculating Across Date Range by Days of Week


I want to calculate productivity or total units by Week. For example Monday through Sunday every week Total Hours.


Workers working 8 hours per day in this range would have 56 hours by Sunday.


Is there a date calculation that can work for this as records are created? There may not necessarily be a record created for every day, so preferably, each new record would have a these fields totaled. Not sure which direction to go on this:


Each record to have:


Total Time Cumulated For Infiniti dating to beginning of records 

Total Time Cumulated for Year

Total Time Cumulative Monday Through Sunday, each day increasing this field as it looks back to Monday and gives a running total. Starts over again once new Monday starts up.


Seems like this wouldn't be too hard since people have got to be tracking payroll hours somewhere...