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    Calculating averages and std deviations from portal fields



      Calculating averages and std deviations from portal fields



           I have a database solution where a single patient record is related to a table contains antibiotic prescriptions where there may be multiple prescriptions per patient record

           i have calculated the total antibiotic days for each patient record in the antibiotic table

           i have a search page where users can search and display pt records by gender, age, hospital, etc, and I would like to display both the average antibiotic days of therapy and std deviation for the found set.

           i have tried to use the GetSummary function to do this but I am not sure what should be specified as the break field - all the solutions I have tried just displays the total days of antibiotic therapy for each individual record




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               Your title mentions "portal fields"--which implies that your report layout is based on the Patient record instead of the Antibiotic table.

               But then you refer to GetSummary, which would be used for a report layout based on the antibiotic table.

               You might take a closer look at summary fields (for reports based on the antibiotic table) and Aggregate functions (which might in some cases be used for a report based on the patients table though you can also use summary fields defined in antibiotics too.)

               Both summary fields and aggregate functions have an option for an average and also for standard deviation.