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Calculating data for a chart x+y, x+2y, x+3y ...

Question asked by ianmanning on Nov 19, 2013
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Calculating data for a chart x+y, x+2y, x+3y ...


     I have to chart  a fairly simple set of values but I am struggling to work out how to calculate them.

     Essentially it is comparing two products, one is high initial cost but low energy consumption the other is low cost , high energy consumption.

     The data is in a single record so each record will have its own graph.

     the X period is years 1,2,3...    the number of Periods (years) is calculated as hours life / hours per year ie 50000 hours life, used 9 hours per day, 5 days per week 52 weeks per year. = 50000 / ( 9*5*52) = about 21 periods

     The data points for the Y axis need to be calculated 21 times as follows:

     X=1   Y = Initial cost + energy used

     X=2   Y = Initial cost + 2*energy used

     X=3   Y = Initial cost + 3*energy used

      and so on until

     X =21  Y= Initial cost + 21*energy used

     I have done this manually and entered it in to a text field delimiting each Y value but I'm sure that this must be possible to be done with a calculation.

     the second Y series is very similar to the first and I'm sure if someone can show me how to build the calculation for the first series I can adapt it for the second.

     This is the first time I have used the chart feature in filemaker so I may be missing something obvious, feel free to treat me like a novice. Running Filemaker 12, pro, advanced and server.