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    Calculating day since first date for ID



      Calculating day since first date for ID


           We are currently using FMP13 in clinical research. We have 3 tables at the moment (Patients Info, Patient Drugs and Daily Scores). In Patient Drugs, we record daily drug doses whilst Daily scores are daily recordings of scores. A portal is used to enter the relevant data. There can be multiple drugs/scores every day and each time we get a new portal row, a new timestamp is created. We wish to create a field that will calculate the study day which is the GetDate(timestamp) - the first date recorded for this patient. The first day will be study day 1. 

           I can just create this field and manually enter the study day but was wondering if there is an automatic way to do this as an calculation. 


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               If you only want elapsed days, date fields are simpler to use than timestamps which record both date AND time and store that as a value in seconds where dates store the value as a value in days.

               If you set up a field in the Patients Info field as a date field, it can auto-enter the creation date as your earliest date from which you want to compute elapsed days. You can also define a calculation field as Min ( RelatedTable::Date ) and select date as the result type to get a date in PatientInfo that is the earliest date in a related table such as Patient Drugs or Daily Scores.

               Either way, a calculation field defined in the child table can subtract a date in that table from the date in Patient Info to compute elapsed days:

               DailyScores::Date - PatientInfo::StartDate

               IF you use timestamps instead of dates, the difference will show the number of elapsed seconds and you'll need to either specify a TimeStamp result type or divide the difference by the number of seconds in a day (24 * 3600).