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calculating days , empty field returns 734112 days ?

Question asked by nickphillips on Nov 29, 2012
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calculating days , empty field returns 734112 days ?


     I am a surgeon and want to calculate how many days after their operation my patients scans are done. The patients have an operation on a date. They then have scans approximately every 6 months after the operation date. I have a field for each scan and a calculation that subtracts the two dates. 

     Some of my date fields are empty because the patient may have only had 2 scans and I have potential for recording 6 scans. When the calculation to subtract one date from another runs to get the number of days between two dates it returns 734112 days. I just want to return a blank . The problem occurs because I always have the first date but may not have a second.

     I have  ' do not evaluate if all referenced fileds are empty ' checked. I spose not all fields are empty becasue the first date is always there. 

     I feel this should be doable ?.