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Calculating fields out of portals not updating.

Question asked by yandg on Aug 5, 2010
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Calculating fields out of portals not updating.


I have a portal in a layout which shows records from a linked file with prices.  (linked by a 2nd duplicate table as the original has other links on) 

I can total these prices and show in calculating fields on the current file.

This works fine.  

But, if we manually change a price field in the portal, we may need to do this occasionally,  the calculating field in the current file doesnt automatically update. The only way to show the difference is to click into the fields concerned, or navigate to the next record and back again.

I'm sure this should work as i have it working in another file which shows prices from a portal and calculates them fine

The only difference i can see is that the linked table is not the original, ie its the SALES2 not  SALES ??

any ideas ?