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Calculating GPA

Question asked by JoshuaGagnon on Aug 10, 2015
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Calculating GPA



Hi Everyone,

For our summer program - we have to run a report of the grades our students earn. I have it setup where each class has a field for the letter grade (PeriodXGrade) and then a calculation field that turns that letter grade into a 4.0 scale (PeriodXGradeCalculation). From there, I have a final calculation field (RawScore) that adds the 4 PeriodXGradeCalculation scores together and a SummerGPA field that divides the RawScore by 4 to get their GPA. That works great - and is not my question, but I wanted to provide context.

The issue is that the plan has changed and two of our classes will not receive a letter grade and rather a Pass/Fail designation (thus screwing up the above calculation). Is there a way you can think of to add an If/Then statement - or another method - to tell the SummerGPA field to only divide by 3 under those circumstances?

Thanks - I am open to altering the method by which I calculate the grades if there is an easier way!