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Calculating mileages from Actual and Estimated readings

Question asked by philmcgeehan on Jan 16, 2014
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Calculating mileages from Actual and Estimated readings


     I would like to be able to record a vehicles mileage in our database and have the latest reading display.
     So far, so good.
     I have a Vehicles table and a VehicleMileage related table; at the moment I use a Summary field with the Max of the ActualMileage to I get the latest reading.

     However, to complicate things; we receive monthly approximate miles travelled for each vehicle, and I would like to create an Calculated Mileage that is based on the last actual mileage.
     I've put the monthly mileages in a separate field in the VehicMileage table, each in it's own record.

     I think I need something like this:

     CalculatedMilage = s_MaxActualMileage + Sum ( MonthlyEstimated (if after date of last mileage) )



Actual Mileage


Monthly Estimated














































     As you can see sometimes we may have over estimated and sometimes underestimated. But I want to find the last Actual Mileage + the sum of the Monthly miles if they're after the previous Actual.

     Hope I haven't confused things too much!
     Thanks in advance,