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calculating paying and totalling wages

Question asked by ConorO'Loughlin on Apr 15, 2012
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calculating paying and totalling wages


Hi I am a novice at FMP and am designing a system whereby I can keep track of various events and assign staff members to work at those events (only ever one or 2 staff members per event). I have created two tables for this task a sample events table and a staffing of jobs table. Based on the "km per base" field in sample events the wage due to a particular staff member for that event will be calculated

It is all going fine but the issue I am having is when I am trying to pay a staff member on a monthly basis.


I want to be able to see all the jobs he has done for that month and be able to deduct his wage due for the month from what he is paid.

ie sort the event date by month (also have bookings for a year in advance so would need to account for feb 2013 not being the same as feb 2012) then take the wage due at the end of a partcular month and be able to offset that against a wage paid for that particular month, and basically have a running total of them. IS there any simple way to do this?