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    Calculating Percentage of Empty Cells in a Found Set



      Calculating Percentage of Empty Cells in a Found Set


      I'm going to try to explain this as best as possible.  I have an interface that finds monthly data (machine settings) for a specific machine number and month.  I would like to analyze this returned data on a separate layout.  I would like to determine the completion percentage (i.e. so was the machine setting inputted on a particular day by the technician).  I was thinking if there was a way to loop through the machine settings of the found set and say count1 is the count where there is a machine setting properly inputted and count2 is when the field is blank, then after looping through all of the records I could take count2/count1 to get my completion percentage.  Is there an easier way to do this?  If not, what is the best way to write this script?

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          I will assume that we are only check to see if a single field is empty. This can, however, be extended to cover more complex tests for "completeness".

          Define a calculation field with this expression (but use your actual field names in place of mine)

          IsEmpty ( MachineSettingField )

          Select Number as the result type.

          define a summary field to compute the "total of" this new calculation field.

          Then yet another calculation field can be defined as:

          SummaryField / Get ( FoundCount )

          No script required (unless you use one to find the records in the first place).