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Calculating Percentages on Sub-Summaries

Question asked by TKnTexas on Aug 11, 2009
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Calculating Percentages on Sub-Summaries


On my check register, each check (each record) has fields for Discounts_Owed and Discounts_Taken.  In a calculation field Percent_Earned I have what percentage I achieved Discounts_Taken divided by Discounts_Owed. 


At the end of the check register I sum both fields:

Discounts_Owed_sum (summary field)

Discounts_Taken_sum (summary field)


I have a calculation field for the percentage earned overall:  Discounts_Taken_sum divided by Discounts_Owed_sum.  I have this set for unsaved (calculate as needed). 


However, when I select my found set, the "summary" field is the same all the way down the report.