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Calculating Prices With a Sliding Fee Scale

Question asked by montshoman on Jun 3, 2015
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Calculating Prices With a Sliding Fee Scale


 Once again thanks for your previous assistance, now that FM is calculating my total size, is there a way to do fee calculations with a sliding scale?  Basically the bigger unit you buy, the cheaper the per inch the fee is

For Example if it measure 1-15 total inches the fee will be $15.20/inch
if the total inches are 15.25-30 the fee will be $14.50/inch and so on, but to make it more complex there are 3 exact measurements that get discounted to a total dollar amount instead of a per inch charge (those are 35, 70, and 150)?

I don't know if maybe I could use the > < and = signs to simplify this?  And if it's not too much to ask could this be set up so the salesman can override the price calculation (in case of mass quantity ordering, make goods, etc)?

Thank you in advance for any advice or experiences you can lend