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Calculating quantity discount

Question asked by Brockway on Feb 8, 2010
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Calculating quantity discount


I have only used Filemaker a few times over the years and need help with a calculation that is probably fairly easy. I am trying to create a digital Filemaker version our paper order sheet. In each line of the order sheet it lists how many of a product is ordered, the price and then the total. What I'm stuck on is if a customer orders a certain quantity of an item, the price goes down. For example, if they order 8 widgets the price is $2.50. If they order 12 or more the price is $1.99. How do I make a calculation for that?


In this example 8 is from a field called "qty.", $2.50 is from a field called "each", 12 is from a field called "buy", and  $1.99 is from a field called "pay". The total will be in a field called "total price"


Don't laugh, I know this is totally wrong, but this is what I tried so far. This is what I tried for a calculation for the filed "total price":


if Qty.<Buy = Qty. * Each

if Qty. ≥ Buy=Qty. * Pay 


What am I doing wrong?


I am using Filemaker Pro 6 (yes I know it's old) on Mac OS X 10.6.2. This will only be used by me and will not be on a network or online.


Thank you.