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Calculating quantity remaining to buy use FM 6.0

Question asked by arrow799 on Jan 26, 2010
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Calculating quantity remaining to buy use FM 6.0


Trying to analzye responses from multiple vendors to figure out how many of each item shoud be purchsed from each vendor (assume lowest price wins)


need to keep a running total of how many of an item has been purchsed to figure out how many more are required. 


can easily figure out the quantity for the first item, but i need some way to reset the count for the 2nd, 3rd, etc.. items.


i also need to be able to export this data, not just print.



results data looks somethig like this - and i am trying to calculate last field "qty to buy"


item#      vendor           Qty requested     qty bid   price     Qty to buy

12345      xyz company    10                     5         10          5

12345      acme company  10                     3        15          3

12345      supply company 10                    10        20         2

ABCDE     supplier 1           20                   8         15         8

ABCDE     acme compnay   20                    20       30         12

ABCDE     xyz company     20                     15       50         0


how do i know when i am looking evaluating a new item (ie ABCDE) and i need to reset the counts?