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Calculating question-- assigning number based on a field range

Question asked by ziparojw on Feb 26, 2010
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Calculating question-- assigning number based on a field range


Hello everyone. 


I am using FileMaker version 10.  I am a historian, and relatively new to FileMaker. I've been able to figure out every calculation I've needed to do so far, but this one is stumping me.  


I am trying to catalogue an enormous microfilm set (over 43,000 pages).  I have a table that tells me what page ranges are on what microfilm reels, but in looking at individual entries, I only know the page numbers.  


For example, an entry would state: John Smith to Jane Doe, page 34,092.  It does not give the reel number.


I want to create a field that takes that page number and automatically gives me the reel so that I don't have to keep flipping back to my table (there are 97 reels).  I have tried everything I can think of, but I can't make this calculation work.  


For example,


Reel 1 is pages 25 to 454

Reel 2 is pages 455 to 950 

Reel 3 is pages 951 to 1425 


These are two calculations that I've tried (neither work, or only partially work): 


If ( No.  ≤   24; 0 ;

If ( No.  ≤  454 ; 1 ;

If ( No.  ≤ 950; 2;

If ( No.  ≤  1425; 3))))



No. ≤   24; "1";

No. ≤   454; "2";

No. ≤   950; "3";



Any help is appreciated. Thanks everyone!