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    Calculating salary per half month...



      Calculating salary per half month...


      I'm new to Filemaker, so be gentle.
      Im having a little problem with calculating my salary per month since i get my salary from day 15/MM/YYYY to 14/MM/YYYY and paid the month after.

      10$ per hour.
      I work 35 hours per month, 5 per day at work.
      I work the 16, 19, 31 of January and 3, 7, 9 and 14 of Feburary.

      So I get 350$ paid by the 1st of March. But how do I make Filemaker do this calculation for me month by month, so I can see what i was paided January, feburary and so on? Or just what i will get next month?

      Please help me with this. I only need the "Salary per month".  

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          If each record represents a day or part of a day worked, either a relationship or performing a find that uses a date range as criteria can be used to produce a group of records that can be totaled with a summary field.

          Say your table of work records is called HoursWorked and you have another table called MonthlyCheck.

          Define a date field, DateStart, format it with a pop up calendar and give it this auto-enter calculation:

          Self - Day (Self) + 15

          This will take any date selected from the pop up and produce a date for the 15th of the same month.

          Add cDateEnd as a calculation field with date specified as the return type:

          Date ( Month ( DateStart ) + 1 ; 14 ; Year ( DateStart ) )

          This produces a date range from the 15th of one month to the 14th of the following month.

          Define this relationship:

          MonthlyCheck::DateStart > HoursWorked::Date AND
          MonthlyCheck::cDateEnd < HoursWorked::Date

          then define a calculation field, cWages as the HourlyRate * HoursWorked

          Define a summary field as the total of cWages and place this field on your MonthlyCheck layout.

          There are other approaches that will also work.