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    Calculating sales tax



      Calculating sales tax


      I've been using an old version for billing, but my office assistant changed the sales tax calculation in "define fields". Also, MA has increased the sales tax so I need to change the calculation. Help?

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          Select File | Manage | Database | Fields.


          Find the field that calculates your sales tax.


          Double click it to open the Specify Calculation dialog for this calculation or to bring up the auto-enter options if it is a field that uses an auto-entered calculation.


          Now you can edit your calculation.


          That's a general discription of how to do this. To provide more details, I'd have to know more about your database and how it's set up.

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               OK. After double clicking on sales tax I get the amount, in this case it will be .0625% Can't figure out how to employ the calculation. When I get back to the "total Due" line it reads ".06" It just adds this amount to the sub total as opposed to making a calculation. Sorry for being naive.
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              "When I get back to the "total Due" line it reads ".06" "

              It's possible that the field is formatted to show only two decimal places. Enter layout mode, click the field and use Format | number to check and see if this is the case.


              "It just adds this amount to the sub total as opposed to making a calculation."

              In otherwords you are getting Taxable Amount + 0.06 instead of Taxable Amount * 0.06 (or taxable amount * 1.06)?


              It sounds like you need to look at the definition for the field that computes your sales tax and correct it. Find that field on your layout, enter layout mode and double click it. A dialog box will pop-up and the name of the field and its table will be shown on the right hand section of this dialog. The field name will be highlighted and the name of its table will be shown in the drop down menu just above the list of field. Now that you know the name of the field, go back to File | Manage | Database and check out it's definition.

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                   Speaking from experience, the sales tax rate should always be either a look-up or a definable and changeable variable. I live in Canada where the Goods and Services Tax has gone from 7% to 6% to 5% in the last few years. I work with contracts (usually weekly) and I'm glad I always entered the GST rate week to week. You can have the field use previously entered values and 90% of the time this will save time. I'm not sure what's best for your situation. Also keep in mind that if you simply change the tax rate it will change the values of all past transactions and ruin the history aspect of your DB.
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                     OK. May end up being a waste of time trying to "micky mouse" this program. Thanks, though.
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                    Not really. If it were a lookup from the beginning, then you never would have had your issue. Records should always store what the rate was at the time that the record was generated. It should not be a calculation.