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calculating sums when importing from excel

Question asked by always_learning on Sep 7, 2009
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calculating sums when importing from excel


Hi all


I am an intermediate FM 9 user with a question about importing from excel.  I was provided 10 excel files for a product launch that will be going into 150 retail outlets. Some files had all 150 stores, some had one and some had 75 and all were laid out differently.  In all there are almost 300 different types of signs going into the stores - all of the outlets getting different quantities and different sign combinations.  I cleaned up the files in excel and imported into filemaker 9. I have everything organized perfectly so I can notify the stores what they will be receiving.  I would like to confirm my total quantities for each design and each outlet. Do I need to create a duplicate field for all 300 designs and change them to a summary field? Cause I aint do it. It would be faster to export back to excel and use the sum calculation on each column and row. I know that I could have done this before I imported to filemaker but there have been many changes since the first import.  


any thoughts?