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Calculating Time - having a hard time

Question asked by jt3_jon on Dec 21, 2013
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Calculating Time - having a hard time


     Hopefully someone can point me in a direction here, as I'm confused. I'm creating a database of musical cues, and Im trying to calculate the total time of all my music for this project. For example, I have one cue that 1m 30s, another that is 31s, etc. 

     So in addition to my normal text fields with the cue names, etc, I have a field called "duration" which is a number field. I also created a Summary field which I called "sum of duration." I'm tried changing the duration field to "time" in the data formatting options, and made it so its format is mmss (as I do not have hour long cues). However, when I look at my summary field for the two cues above (1m30s & 31s) I get a total of 2:01:00. Ok, so in my duration field I typed my cue lengths as 00:01:30 & 00:00:31 and I get the correct summary of 0:02:01, but I do not want to have to enter 00 hours for each cue. 

     Is there a way to make it so I simply have to enter the min and seconds for the duration field, yet the summary will still calculate  using hours, min & seconds (as I will eventually have over an hour of total material in this database).