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calculating total by fiscal year

Question asked by jringold on Jun 1, 2010
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calculating total by fiscal year




This is my first post to this forum so I will try to provide the appropriate information and I am grateful for your responses.


Basic info.


Filemaker version: 11

Operating system: XP

Database info.: Donors::DonorID = Donations::DonorID

My level of experience: Filemaker newbie, competent with SQL and relational databases


What I am trying to accomplish is similar to what I have read in this post:


I have set up a layout for donor details with a portal to related donations. That works fine. Though this page is not a report, I would like to show some summary data here.  I have created a summary field in the donations table which totals the donations, and that correctly calculates the total donations for that donor. Now I'd like to display the total donations for that donor for the current fiscal year. If I do this using global fields for the date range and setting up new table occurences and relationships as in the URL above, the users would need to change those dates every year. Is there a way to use the current year in this calculation? Or maybe another approach for adding the date criteria to this calculation?


I hope this is clear and thanks for the help!