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Calculating Totals based on dropdown menu selection???

Question asked by productionQC on Sep 23, 2013
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Calculating Totals based on dropdown menu selection???


     Hello -

     I have a table called RepairOrders in which the user selects a JobType and a Location, performs the work, then the cost of that job is entered in a field called JobCost.  I have one layout used for data entry, then I have another layout, still based on RepairOrders, in which we review the data using charts etc.  It is setup to sort records based on the user selecting a "Crews" name from a dropdown and only those records are shown/charted.  What we would like to be able to do is show total costs based on location and total costs based on Jobtype. 

     Ex:  Backyard $5000.00
            Patio        $2500.00

     We are able to show the total of all cost for each crew, but how do we break it down to location and again break it down to job type.  I have used FilterValues ( Work Required ;"Patch" ) to flag records and then used a summary count in another field to provide how many of that type of repair that crew has logged against them.  After the user selects the crew and the records are sorted, I am not quite sure how to program a field to report the totals of each location and each type of repair.