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    Calculating totals on invoices



      Calculating totals on invoices



           I just began using Filemaker Pro this week, after switching over from Bento. I have gotten my head around most of the controls, but one thing I am struggling with is calculating totals in invoices. (I am inexperienced with databases in general so my terminology may be off)

           I have entered in weight for each of my products, but would like the invoice sheet to calculate and show the total weight for the contents of the invoice, so I can then manually get shipping estimates. It doesnt necessarily need to say the weight on each item line, just at the bottom of the invoice.


           Thank you in advance,



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               Hi Alex,

               What you need to do is create  Caculated field which uses the Sum() Function. It's not clear from what you have shown above is relational (ie that the invoice rows are in separate table, but I'm assuming they are), but basically you would have a calculation in the Invoice table that looks like;




               Where Invoice_Row is the name of the table Instance of the related row.


               I hope that helps.




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