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Calculating Week based on Date

Question asked by BlairPhifer on Aug 2, 2014
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Calculating Week based on Date



     New to FileMaker, but I hope to learn it quickly!

     Trying to develop a db to track daily 'scores' on a couple of points each day. But I want to track this data on a Sun - Sat basis. Is there a way to calculate that Jan 12 through Jan 18 was Week 2 of 2014 (since the first four days were a Wed-Sat of the last week of 2013).

     I saw the post from a while back with this script:

     Enter Find Mode []

     Insert Calculated Result [Select; Due Date;

        (Get (CurrentDate ) - DayOfWeek ( Get ( CurrentDate ) ) + 1) & "..."&

        (Get (CurrentDate ) + 7 - DayOfWeek (Get ( CurrentDate ) ) ) ]

     Perform Find []

     I figure I can finagle this to do what I want, but I don't totally get how this would deal with weeks that crossed months (or Years) like this week, starting on Sun July 27 and Ending on Sat Aug 2.

     Any thoughts, or pointers to where I should be looking would be greatly appreciated!!!