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    Calculating Wins and Loses



      Calculating Wins and Loses


           Hi there,

           I am extremely new to filemaker but trying to learn on my own.

           I am creating a betting pool with my friends for this upcoming football season.  I want to calcuate how many picks a person got right based on calculating their weekly record and then calculating their overall record.  I know this is simple but I can't seem to figure it out.

           The fields I want to evaluate in my layout "week 1" are:

           Winner - Team that covered the spread

           Scott - What team I picked that week


           The first thing I did was create a calculation field(Scott Weekly TrueorFals) with  If(Week 1::Winner = Week 1::Scott; 1; 0).  This told me if I picked the correct team I got a 1 and if I did not I got a 0.

           Then from there I want to calculate how many 1's (wins) and then how many 0's(loses) there are for the week.  This is the part im stuck on.

           Can someone please help me?

           Thank you in advance.