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Calculating within a Value List

Question asked by JamesMahoney on Jan 6, 2012
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Calculating within a Value List


If this has been answered before, sorry - just refer me to the answer! Or if this is the wrong forum, blame a novice!

I have a small database in which I am collecting information about job advertisements in the professional communication area.

One VALUE LIST, "Profession" has the following choices: PR, Sales, MarCom, Advertising, Marketing. Another value list, "Industry", has these choices: Consultancy, Government, Industry, Not-for-Profit. The value lists use the drop down function.

I can, of course, sort the DB using the find function, but is it possible to write calculation fields that will enable me to automatically sum each choice in each value list so that I can produce some comparative stats automatically without having to manually sort and transfer data to Excel.

The kind of result I am after ultimately is: What % of PR jobs were in Government? Or using other vakue lists, what % of Advertising jobs were described in job ads as "strategic"?

Help! No doubt the answer is blindingly obvious, but I can't work it out!